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S.T. Generali srl is a young and dynamic company founded in 2003 after years of training and direct experience on the field addressed to all types of commercial, industrial and residential activities, with “turnkey solutions” or dedicated to one or more specific parts of the realizations. We are always looking for technological innovations able to meet all the needs of the customer and we offer a constant attention to the reduction of market response times, providing solutions in line with the highest standards of quality and image. Continuous contact and maximum customer focus form the basis of our design philosophy: we have invested heavily in partnerships and collaborations, which have led to the creation of productive and high quality solutions. We face the constant market challenges through professionalism and versatility: this allows us to offer various types of solutions, conscious to the many needs of the customer. The exchange and sharing with our partner companies allow us to offer You attention to details, professionalism and new ideas. We count on a competent and experienced staff in the field of construction and on skilled designers in our offices.

S.T. Generali operates in the following divisions


From a careful inspection needs and tastes of the customer emerge, enabling us to assess the appropriate restructuring or redesign of the locals. The staff of our technical department optimizes interventions through project design and our designers accompany the customer in the choice of the most appropriate setting.


Starting from the arrangement of furniture we study the distribution of space, in order to create functional and comfortable environments. In addition to the design of custom-made furniture, we represent some important companies of furniture. Our services range from installation to plasterboard and ceiling works, from the supply of furniture, walls and floors to painting.


Starting from the design we come together to effective implementation, starting from the choice of furniture and studying the type of lighting to create the desired environment within the agreed time. Our main scopes of actions concern shops, beauty and wellness centers, hairdressers, gyms, hotels, restaurants, food bars, technological studies.

About us...

Architectural studies

We are an operational technical support which helps in the different phases of a project; we interface us with our designers and provide our experience in solving complex situations during the implementation phases.


We offer an appropriate, qualified and complete answer to every request, working with education, professionalism and reliability, qualities not always so easy to find. We respect delivery times and expectations; we are very versatile and available to meet every need or additional request.

we are at your disposal for any information
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